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11 Aug 2018
Let me tell you about the difference between the spider solitaire and the pyramid solitaire; 

                      Spider Solitaire is a solitaire game in which we arrange all the cards in the sorting form like alphanumeric order as K,Q,J,10............A. But on the other hand if we talking about the Pyramid Solitaire game it is also a solitaire game but it has different rules and regulations as compare to spider solitaire, It also known as king Tut and Tut's Tomb.

Before starting your game as strting you have to check the game is unwinnable or not.  The main advantage of this game you can use king whenevre you  need ,it menas that you can use king anytime.
In the pyramid solitaire there are 11 decks,12 queen and 13 king ,it also a set of...